Melinda Mueller, a busy wife and mother, prioritizes health and fitness to tackle the mental and physical challenges of the day. We have witnessed Melinda get stronger every time she steps into the studio. She shares her journey…



Melinda doing “Teaser on the box”. Not easy.

I have always been very active.  I played sports when I was young and have always loved exercise. I was a runner for many years and have done all kinds of workouts; core training, barre, kick boxing, spin, yoga, met con, you name it.  I started taking Pilates reformer classes seven years ago and fell in love with it.  In 2012 we purchased a new home and I left the gym I had belonged to for eight years and joined a new gym closer to my new home.  The drawback was the new gym did not have Pilates reformer classes.  So, I took one year off from Pilates reformer and did many varied workouts at my new gym, the whole time searching for a new Pilates studio. To be honest, even though I was working out consistently I noticed a huge difference in how my body looked and felt after I stopped doing reformer workouts.  I missed Pilates reformer.  So in July of 2013 as I was reading an issue of Southbay Magazine that featured Spa, Beauty and Fitness profiles of the best that the South Bay had to offer, I came across an article about Hale Pilates.  I read the article about the studio and the two lovely owners and thought I have to try this place out.  It was offering everything I was looking for in a Pilates studio and more, and it was very close to home.  So, I went with my daughter and had and introductory class and I was hooked.

Since joining Hale I have noticed many positive changes in my body.  To begin with I am stronger and leaner.  My core is so much stronger than before which has helped to reduce my lower back issues to almost being nonexistent.  I have increased flexibility and feel that my posture has improved as well.  Working with the instructors at Hale has given me a better understanding of Pilates and the movement of my body.  The Hale instructors take the time to explain each movement and what you should be feeling and the muscles you should be using.  Even though I had taken Pilates for years prior to joining Hale, I can honestly say that I never had as good of an understanding of the method as I do now.  The Hale instructors are all AMAZING!!

Currently, I am very happy with my body and the results I am seeing.  I will continue to challenge myself and push myself to always move forward.  I would like to continue to get stronger and more flexible and stay that way for the rest of my life.  Pilates will be a part of my life forever because it has made profound changes in my body and given me the results that I am looking for.

The Hale Pilates Studio is a peaceful, calm environment that has such an amazing positive energy.  Jane and Kristen are two amazing women who are very passionate about what they do and about helping clients achieve their goals.  Every instructor at Hale is outstanding.  Each instructor is professional, knowledgeable and very interested in helping each and every client.  They listen and are engaged, it is fantastic.

As a busy wife and mother, balancing everything that needs to be accomplished on any given day is a challenge to say the least.  Exercise is a priority for me and always has been.  It keeps me balanced and makes me a better wife and mother who is ready take on whatever challenges each day brings whether it be mental or physical.


Melinda and her beautiful family.

Melinda and her beautiful family.