It all started with Susan Lucci (Erica from All My Children). I’m not kidding. This really shows my age, but when I was in high school  I watched that soap opera and she was my favorite. About ten years ago I saw her on some TV show and she still looked amazing! She said her secret was Pilates and I thought, “I want to do that, whatever it is!” Fast forward ten years, and I have done everything except pilates. I jogged, I did step classes and rumba, I bought an elliptical and a weight bench. And as you’ve probably experienced, I never stuck with any of it and never really got the results I wanted.

Things got even worse after that…I got old! Okay, so 58 isn’t ancient, but let me tell you aging doesn’t make things any easier. I found a new exercise cycle…and not the kind with pedals! I would try some form of exercise, I would hurt myself (my knees, my back, etc.), it would take weeks to heal, I’d exercise, I’d hurt myself, I’d take weeks to heal, I’d … well you get the cycle I’m talking about. It was so depressing! Plus, I was working full time, commuting 60 miles each day, had zero energy, felt slumpy and sluggish…trust me, I was no Susan Lucci.

Then one day I went for a walk and everything changed. I saw the Hale studio and decided to go in. I talked to Jane, looked around at what appeared to be torture devices, thought of Susan Lucci, took a deep breath and decided it was time.  Jane and I talked about my goals: 1. Improve posture; 2. Get stronger so I don’t hurt myself every time I move; 3. Fix my flappy  arms so I could wear sleeveless shirts again (just a few of my many goals). And off I went on my new journey. I started with privates with Jane. (Aside: She’s an incredible teacher! I learned so much about my body and how and why pilates works!). Then I moved to an unlimited membership, which is perfect! I have tried every class and love them all.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but my body changed. I no longer feel like it’s a chore just to stand and sit up straight, my body just does it. I am so much stronger! I can feel it as I move through my day. My knees don’t give out on me, my back doesn’t tweek every time I lift or twist, and I have bought several sleeveless shirts : ) I know it sounds odd, but I just feel like a completely different person, both physically and mentally.

I don’t have to talk myself into coming to classes. My body just wants to go. The studio is fabulous! The equipment is top notch! The environment is welcoming and clean. The classes are small so even in a class you get individualized attention. Each and every one of the instructors bring something different to the experience. They are all so good and really get to know you and care about your progress. The other clients are a friendly bunch and we all encourage and cheer each other on. There are many different kinds of classes so you never get bored. It’s challenging, but so much fun.

Here are my tips for success

1.) Start with at least a few private sessions (or take some now if even if you didn’t start that way). It will help you be more successful and get more out of the classes

2.) Schedule classes ahead of time. It commits you to going because you already have an appointment. If you have to, you can cancel.  Every Sunday I schedule for the whole week. Trust me. Try it.    You’ll find you rarely cancel and you end up going to so many more classes than you would if you scheduled them daily

3.) Take a variety of classes if you can (reformer, tower, TRX, etc.). They all do something different for you and you never get bored.

4.) Take a variety of instructors. You’ll learn their styles and it’s just fun to mix it up.

Speaking of classes, I have to get to my power reformer class now. Thanks for reading my story.

Final words: I didn’t think I would. I didn’t think I could. But I did and I am. And you can too! I hope to meet you in a class soon if I haven’t already!