When a client steps into the studio one of the very first questions after their first session is “How often should I do Pilates?”. The simplest answer I can give someone is “if you needed to change your diet for health reasons, how often would you do that?”. The answer should be as often as you can, or everyday. You can’t only diet on Mondays, you have to be consistent to see any change. For obvious reasons you are not going to be able to do Pilates every day, but the more often you do it, the faster you will get to where you want to be. Now where you want to be is different for everyone. It could be that you want to fit into your wedding dress by a certain date, alleviate back pain, increase your flexibility, improve you sport, or just feel and look great.

Joseph Pilates believed so much in his method that he would give this promise to everyone “In 10 sessions you’ll feel different, in 20 sessions you’ll look different, and in 30 sessions, you’ll have a new body”. I give you the same promise.

Most people find that Pilates is a way of life and not just a “workout”. Pilates when combined with any other physical activity you love to do such as running, triathlons, weight lifting, soccer .. you name it, will only make you stronger and more agile when you are participating in those activities.

Pilates takes dedication, it’s a method. It takes time to learn the movement, become familiar with the equipment, and execute the moves using all the right muscles. Quality over quantity is the Pilates method. If you dedicate yourself to the method, this promise will be yours too.